Eco Lanyards, Bamboo & Plant Silk Lanyards

We have developed a range of materials suitable for use in lanyard production. These materials offer a lucid and credible alternative to virgin raw materials and look great when branded with your logo. These include bamboo fibre, plant silk, and even RPET (Recycled bottle polyester) all of which are designed to accept your branding. Talk to us today for a no obligation quote and a 100% free artwork proof prior to ordering!

Recycled Lanyards

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  1. Recycled PET Lanyards

    Recycled PET Lanyards


    Lanyards made from recycled PET (plastic bottles) offer durability, resilience, and resistance to mould and mildew. They are robust and easy to wash and we are able to print your logo on them in up to 4 colours. This lanyard is environmentally friendly and helps keep plastic out of landfill.

    Combine this lanyard with our range of fittings and clips to design the perfect lanyard to suit your requirements. We can also use pantone dye on these lanyards in any colour you wish, though the natural material is more eco-friendly and provides a unique looking piece of promotional material.

    • Made from recycled bottles.
    • Screen print up to 4 pantone colours.
    • Can be dyed to any colour or supplied natural.
    • 10+ material colours in stock.
    • Excellent eco friendly promotional idea.


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  2. Recycled PET Dye Sub Lanyards

    Recycled PET Dye Sub Lanyards


    These recycled pet dye sub are made by melting down water bottles and making them into lanyards. We can produce colourful photographic images onto polyester and can be custom branded with your logo or business details. These are perfect for companies that have strict guidelines and brand requirements that must be met. The print on the lanyards never wear out because the print is directly dyed into the material making it a great earth-friendly option the standard polyester lanyards.

    • Made from recycled bottles.
    • Print photographic gradients & images.
    • Very smooth comfortable material finish.
    • Made to any colour.
    • Choose from a massive array of fittings.


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  3. Plant Silk Lanyards

    Plant Silk Lanyards


    ‌Manufactured from waste stems leftover from crop harvest, plant silk lanyards or hemp lanyards as some people have called them are available in a wide range of colours.

    We can print up to 4 colours for your logo or contact details. These can be matched with our clips and fittings for customised lanyards for every occasion.

    Plant silk lanyards are 900mm in length and available in four widths: 10, 15, 20, and 25mm.

    • Great eco friendly promotional tool.
    • Similar feel to polyester.
    • Produced from recycled plant stems.
    • Print logo up to 4 colours.
    • Can be dyed to colour or supplied natural.
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  4. Wooden Event Passes

    Wooden Event Passes


    Try something a bit different for your next event! Wooden event passes branded with your logo via our heat stamping or full-colour printing process. These ID cards provide a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic ID passes and are made from sustainable basswood which can be recycled and reused.

    • Made from high quality wooden material
    • Portrait and landscape available on all sizes.
    • Sizes available: 88 x 54mm, 100 x 90mm, A6 (105 x 148mm)
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  5. Printed Cork Lanyards

    Printed Cork Lanyards


    Cork lanyards? that's right! A polyester base with a crafty cork layer that can be custom branded with your message or company logo in up to 4 pantone colours. These offer a unique and stylish alternative to standard polyester or nylon lanyards and they are highly affordable to personalise. Our cork material takes on a mottled appearance that also features colour flecks for a true stand out lanyard that you can provide to staff at an event or customers who purchase or enquire about your product.

    • See Below for in-stock material colours. Natural (Unbleached) recommended.
    • 10, 15, 20 and 25mm width options. Other bespoke widths available on request. Contact our sales team for more information.

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  6. Tubular Cork Lanyards

    Tubular Cork Lanyards


    We have created a lanyard made from one of the most eco-friendly materials known. Cork! 

    These tubular lanyards can be custom branded on a brandable tag with your logo printed or woven into the lanyard. These have a tag looped at one end and they feel stiffer then a normal polyester lanyard, however, their more organic feeling makes it truly a brilliant giveaway gift. Get these amazing lanyards custom branded with your logo or business details making it an exceptional promotional product.

    • In stock material colours are available Natural (Unbleached) recommended.
    • 5 and 10mm width options. Other bespoke widths are available on request. Contact our sales team for more information.
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  7. Double Clip Lanyards

    Double Clip Lanyards


    ‌All double clip lanyards are available in eco friendly material which include Bamboo fibre, Recycled PET, Plant silk, Milk Protein fibre

    Our double-ended lanyards are perfect for conferences, events, functions and workplace use. They feature dual clips which prevent your ID from swivelling and not being visible at all times and when combined with a safety clip they are extremely safe to wear. The safety clip prevents strangulation and the dual clip design adds additional breakpoints if someone grabs or pulls on the lanyard. All double clip lanyards are available in eco-friendly material such as bamboo, recycled PET and plant silk.

    • In stock material colours. Natural (Unbleached) recommended.
    • 10, 15, 20 and 25mm width options. Other bespoke widths are available on request. Contact our sales team for more information.
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  • Information

    Lanyards from recycled bottles? You bet!

    Lanyards are a must for any business that has photo IDs or passes out keys to its staff. But did you know that most lanyards consist of plastic? Plastic takes hundreds of years to break down, and even then, it does not biodegrade. We are helping companies join the Zero-Waste or Low-Waste movement with our biodegradable eco lanyards.

    With our eco lanyards, you can rest assured that not only will they not leave plastic in our dumps long after we are gone, but they are also made from sustainable resources. With choices between bamboo lanyards and hemp lanyards, we make lanyards to please everyone.

    You can even add artwork or your company’s logo and give the lanyards out as a cool freebie to prospective clients. Contact us today for a no-obligatory quote. You will also receive a free proof of your artwork before your order gets put in to guarantee your satisfaction.