Eco Lanyards, Bamboo & Plant Silk Lanyards

We have developed a range of materials suitable for use in lanyard production. These materials offer a lucid and credible alternative to virgin raw materials and look great when branded with your logo. These include bamboo fibre, plant silk, and even RPET (Recycled bottle polyester) all of which are designed to accept your branding. Talk to us today for a no obligation quote and a 100% free artwork proof prior to ordering!

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  • Information

    Lanyards from recycled bottles? You bet!

    Lanyards are a must for any business that has photo IDs or passes out keys to its staff. But did you know that most lanyards consist of plastic? Plastic takes hundreds of years to break down, and even then, it does not biodegrade. We are helping companies join the Zero-Waste or Low-Waste movement with our biodegradable eco lanyards.

    With our eco lanyards, you can rest assured that not only will they not leave plastic in our dumps long after we are gone, but they are also made from sustainable resources. With choices between bamboo lanyards and hemp lanyards, we make lanyards to please everyone.

    You can even add artwork or your company’s logo and give the lanyards out as a cool freebie to prospective clients. Contact us today for a no-obligatory quote. You will also receive a free proof of your artwork before your order gets put in to guarantee your satisfaction.